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Your Trusted Healthcare Accounting Firm in Indianapolis

Providing the Cure to your Cash Flow Pain

Claims submitted daily to expedite cashflow to your medical practice. Rejected or denied claims? We handle all rejected and denied claims. In most cases without the assistance of the practice.
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Our mission at Numbers Count is to empower businesses in optimizing profitability through comprehensive practice management services. We are dedicated to leveraging our expertise in accounting, human resources, and revenue cycle management to support our clients in achieving exceptional financial results. With our cutting-edge technology and clinical expertise, we strive to provide seamless operations, allowing businesses to focus on delivering exceptional care while we handle the complexities of practice management.
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Accounting Firm

Why is accounting important? Because Numbers Count. Avoid the stress of juggling your finances by yourself with our team of experts. Get the best value for your money.

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Payroll Services

We provide comprehensive payroll services to healthcare organizations to ensure accurate and timely payment of employee salaries, taxes, and benefits.

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Medical Billing and Coding

We specialize in medical billing and coding services, helping healthcare providers streamline their revenue cycle management.

Efficiency in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Give Your Business A Boost.

A solid financial foundation

We start with a thorough analysis of your business and its current financial condition, so we can give you an honest assessment of what changes will help you achieve your goals. Our consultants have deep knowledge and years of experience in all aspects of tax planning and accounting services, so they are able to provide you with advice that helps save time, money and increase profits faster than ever before!

Prepare your company for growth

No matter what size of your company is, we can help you manage your finances. Our company offers a range of services including accounting, coding, payroll and more. Our team is composed of experienced professionals in their field who have helped thousands of businesses grow their business with their expertise in the industry.

Professional advice & solutions

At Numbers Count, we are not just experts in our field. We are people who have been in your shoes. We understand your frustrations, and know what it's like to be overwhelmed by the demands on your time and energy. We offer a family-friendly atmosphere, where you can trust that you'll be listened to and cared for as an individual and not just as a number. Our team of experts will work directly with you to develop a customized plan that takes into account the unique aspects of your project.

The accounting firm that's finally on your side

We're an honest and unbiased accounting firm that will always work in the best interest of our clients. We'll never push any products or services on you, and we'll always tell you the truth about what you need. Our team is made up of talented and experienced professionals who will take care of all your needs, from start to finish.

Effective healthcare revenue cycle management

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Grow Your Business With Our Help

We offer business consulting services with financial foundation from experts in the field of finance and accounting. Our team of consultants are passionate about their work and their goal is to help you become more successful by providing actionable insights that can be applied practically by you.

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Professional Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
Professional Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Let Numbers Count help you grow

Numbers Count is the only full-service business consulting company that starts with a solid financial foundation. All of our services begin with a financial review. Our consultants provide you with deep knowledge in the following areas: Accounting, billing, coding and payroll services from our cash flow management to your tax planning.

Medical Billing and Coding
Payroll Services
Accounting Firm
The right healthcare revenue cycle management company can help improve your organization's bottom line

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